Offer a hand up, not a handout


We respond to community requests by providing the tools and training to help Congolese communities generate income to improve education, health and wellbeing. 


Our projects ...


food security and income generation

Community gardens, the community store, raising ducks and sustainable beekeeping all help ensure food security in Lotumbe.  


emergency MEDICine Education project 

Ensures communities now have doctors and nurses trained in safer births, neonatal emergency care and resuscitation skills.



Enables women in remote communities to start and support community-based businesses.

Our Impact




We create collaborative opportunities for women to improve the lives of children, families and communities, as well as provide Emergency Medicine education.



Years Serving communities

As grassroots advocates for human rights, dignity for the disabled, food security, and the right to a future for  children, we work to empower women.



children Impacted

In response to community needs, we support sustainable, income-producing projects that enhance children's health and wellbeing. 


Get Involved

It takes a global village to get things done! 

That’s why we ask the local communities what they need and then partner with others to find the solutions. Learn more about Our Changemakers and why they support Handup Congo.


you can help ...

Check the list of needs from the Congolese community. Can you help us fulfill these requests?


Please contact us if you would like to explore partnering or sharing your skills with HandUp Congo. 

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Help people living in poverty lead healthy lives.